The lingering pandemic certainly has put a halt to many vacation and travel plans. Is there a brighter future for hospitality businesses? An investor with the Alliance for Dade, Chattanooga Vacation Rentals (CVR) is a full service and locally operated short term vacation property management company. 

During the month of March, CVR is participating in #VacationDonation2021 in partnership with Move for Hunger. CRV invites guests to leave non-perishable food at the end of their stay and they will make sure the food is donated.  AND they have committed to donate 1% of their March rents to the cause! 

Christina Thoreson is the Owner and Chief Financial Officer of CVR.  In a recent conversation with the Alliance for Dade, she focused on the prosperity of their business.  Christina indicated “a dramatic increase in short-term rentals from 2019 to 2020 because during the past year, most people are driving to vacation destinations.”  CVR has approximately 20 rental sites in Dade County. A team of local professional providers works with Thor and Christina and shares their passion for providing service to Chattanooga and the North Georgia area. Chattanooga Vacation Rentals’ office is newly located at 12309 South Main Street in Trenton.  

Christina said, “This year will see 17 million Americans visit a food shelter for the first time. Let’s join together with a vacation donation!”