Tri-Stae Food Pantry

Alliance Investors Helping One Another

When the West Brow Food Pantry, a satellite of the Tri-State Food Pantry on Sand Mountain, needed help, they reached out to a fellow Alliance for Dade Investor.

Harry and Dena Abell are Alliance Board Directors, and Investors themselves.  They are active volunteers with the West Brow Food Pantry and needed some strong backs to help load heavy food boxes into cars.  They shared that need with Marcus Hulsey, Leadership Program Director at the Southeast Lineman Training Center in Trenton.  One of the requirements of a lineman student is community service, so between Harry and Marcus, they created a plan.  TWENTY-FIVE strong linemen showed up at the West Brow and Sand Mountain sites to pack and load food boxes.  What a difference it made for the aging volunteers!  And what a difference it made toward meeting the needs of hungry families in our community!

In appreciation for the students’ labor, a group of volunteers at West Brow served a tasty and well-deserved lunch for the linemen

Harry Abell – Senior Investor, Board Director, and Alliance Treasurer
Dena Abell – Senior Investor and Board Director
Southeast Lineman Training Center – Patron Investor
Tri-State Food Pantry – Non-Profit Investor

Investors helping Investors – how can the Alliance partner with your organization or business?