Industrial Development Authority

The Dade County Industrial Development Authority is a one-stop resource to find what you need to bring your business to this part of the growing Chattanooga metropolitan area.  We’ll offer you a list of available sites to open or expand your business, together with information on utilities, drive times, traffic counts, workforce statistics, and development incentives.

Plenty of inexpensive land is still available for development in Dade County, where you’ll find easy access to:
* two interstates
* two railways
* local and international airports
* proximity to a rail link to the Port of Savannah
* proximity to a water route to the Mississippi River. 

We don’t impose many rules on business.  Our elected officials take pride in being accessible to residents and business owners. 
* State and local incentives are available.   
* Georgia is a Right-to-Work state and labor relations are excellent 

Need details about doing business in Dade County?  Learn about bid opportunities, licenses and permits, compliance requirements, and e-verify on the Dade County website.  
A complete Business Guide is also available!